Rafting the Chattooga River – Section IV

My wife Liz asked for one thing for her birthday this year…a rafting trip on the Chattooga River, Section IV with her family. We have rafted other, nearby rivers including the tame Nantahala and the more challenging Ocoee in the past. But the Chattooga River Section IV is where the movie Deliverance was filmed in 1972, a thriller film starring Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ronny Cox, and Ned Beatty. The movie provided a new level of popularity for the river and especially for thrill-seeking whitewater rafters. Around this time, the river was restricted to commercial development and only three … [Read more...]

Review of Garmin nuve 765T GPS Navigation Unit

Garmin has long been a leader in GPS navigation. With the soaring rise in popularity of automobile navigation, Garmin has worked hard to maintain that lead despite competition from other manufacturers such as Tom Tom and Magellan. Garmin's current line is named nuve and this review is for the 765T which is around the middle of the pack of their vast offering. Rather than go into detail, I will refer you instead to this excellent review by GPS Magazine. I will limit my review to a few points I think their review overlooked as well as summarize my opinion of the unit. My first unit was a Garmin … [Read more...]

Christmas at Marco Island Florida

Christmas was early us this year as we worked around the best schedule for both Lauren and Matt to be there at the same time. It was a wonderful time and I wish it could have lasted longer. Lauren was able to visit for a few days before returning home to Memphis. She is in your last semester at school and so ready to get it over with. She has been looking at several prospective cities to call home when she start her new life as a working girl. Below is photo of the two of them. Since our family Christmas events all occurred before Christmas due to scheduling and Atlanta was headed for chilling … [Read more...]

Building my first high-performance & gaming PC

  The Need If you have seen any of the movies in the "Fast and the Furious" series, then you aware of how street racers go to extreme and exotic techniques to trick-out their car to run faster and faster. Well it's no different for building a performance PC. Everything is about performance parts that take you to the next level. Just like the fast street racing cars, there's a whole industry that caters to gamers or multimedia techs wanting to build the next fastest system on the block. While I did not need or want the fastest system around, I wanted to ensure this system would be a … [Read more...]